5 Things to Know About Your CFP®

We encourage any potential client to take a deep-dive approach when it comes to selecting their financial planner, because we know it can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming to find the right person to entrust with your livelihood. These five questions will guide you through the selection process so that you’re confident you chose the financial planner that is the best fit for you and your family.

Will I be assigned to just one financial planner at KB&P?

Yes and no. While our clients do work with mainly one of our advisors (which allows for that advisor to get to know a particular client on a more personal level and get a better feel for their short- and long-term financial goals, risk tolerance, etc.), the KB&P team approach gives clients access to all three advisors. Whether you want to talk to an advisor who has personal experience in saving for their children’s college education (if this is the case, Scott’s your man!) or simply need to make adjustments to your accounts while your advisor is temporarily unavailable, the KB&P advisors work together to ensure client needs are met in a timely, high-quality manner.

What are the KB&P advisors’ qualifications and why do they matter?

Each of our financial planners are either a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) or a Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®), meaning they’ve gone the extra mile in learning and championing best practices of the industry. Not all financial planners have one of these designations because it’s not a requirement of the profession. The fact that our advisors have these certifications illustrates their high-level knowledge of the financial planning industry, their propensity for lifelong learning, and their passion for the profession and their clients.

What services are offered by KB&P Financial Partners?

We offer all of the services needed for a comprehensive approach to financial planning, which enables the advisors to create customized portfolios that align with clients’ goals, objectives, and big picture aspirations. We don’t specialize in one specific area of financial planning (like just retirement plans, for example), but rather, we specialize in financial planning as a whole. For a complete list of our services, click here.

What types of clients does KB&P Financial Partners serve?

We work with a variety of clients, such as individuals (from millennials to baby boomers) and employers (employer-sponsored retirement plans). We don’t discriminate based on portfolio size, risk tolerance, or specific financial situations. If you want to work with us, then we want to work with you!

How do the KB&P financial planners get paid?

Our firm is unique in that we are independent, meaning we don’t have any compensation arrangements with outside parties. If we recommend a certain company for life insurance or a specific fund for your IRA, it’s because we truly believe these recommendations are the best fit for your goals and objectives as identified in the deep-dive exercise we do at the beginning of every client relationship.

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