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Who We Are

Independence (noun) – the fact or state of being independent.

A single word sums up the way we operate and what we strive to help our clients achieve: independence. KB&P Financial Partners is an independent financial advisory firm, meaning our financial planners are objective and have no conflict of interest because of compensation arrangements with outside parties, which enables us to draw from an endless variety of products and services to customize portfolios with our clients’ financial independence top of mind.

What We Do

Every client’s priorities are different when it comes to compiling their financial portfolio based on the life stage they’re currently in – whether they’ve recently made a career change, are newly married and saving for their first home, are in their child-rearing years and need to save for college or are nearing retirement.

We help clients prepare for and navigate through all of these life stages and more:

● Investment, retirement, tax, estate and probate, and business succession planning
● Risk and debt management
● College funding
● Trust services

We specialize in the following account types to make financial planning simple yet impactful for our clients:

● Taxable – individual, joint, custodial
● Tax Deferred – IRA/Rollover IRA, Roth IRA, SEP/Simple, 401(k)/Profit Sharing, 403(b), 529 College Plans

How We Do It

We start by taking a deep dive into each client’s current financial outlook and mapping out their short- and long-term goals. This gives us the holistic insight we need to put an action plan and objective recommendations together for asset allocation that matches clients’ various objectives – such as timeline, tax bracket, liquidity needs, tolerance for risk, etc.

We’re strong believers that financial planning is an ongoing process. Clients’ goals and objectives inevitably change over time, so we make it a habit to periodically review accounts’ performance alongside our clients and make any adjustments needed.

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